This is one of those recipes which you can juggle around with depending on your personal preferences. My preference is as far as possible to use organic ingredients which ensures there is nothing with GMO and other inadvisable ingredients.

  • 4oz Rolled oats;
  • 40z Desicated Coconut;
  • 4oz Self Raising Flour,
  • 4oz Soft brown sugar.
  • 4oz Margerine or butter
  • 2 tablespoons golden syrup
  • 3 tablesooons Ground almonds
  • 1 tablespoon Sunflower seeds
  • 1 tablespoon Pumpkin seeds
  • 1 tablespoon Chia seeds
  • 2-3 oz dried fruits of personal taste

Grind seeds quite finely and mix into all dry ingredient.

add dried fruit, if using larger fruits chop finely.

Melt butter and syrup and pour over  dry ingredients, mix well.

Press mixture into a shallow baking tray aprox 20cm x 30cm.

Bake at 175c until golden all over aprox 30 min.

Allow to cool a bit in the tray and cut into squares whilst still slightly warm.

Good source of organic ingredients in UK “Healthy Supplies”



Victoria Cotton

What is FAKE and What is REAL…

We are Earth beings, we have evolved with earth, We are part of the organic time line which is everything that is created with life energy , her pure pulse and our inner light…

The fake time line is everything that is being copy pasted and copied from our original source! Our inner light power house is being used to manifest a technocratic world of alien artificial intelligence.

We are an incredibly important asset, as long as we are being remote controlled we can be used and abused to manifest a fake reality. We are so very powerful, when we are in control of our emotions and when we become fully embodied, when we are raw and real … When we can observe the duality trap that is designed to disconnect us from the ultimate prime viewing place, that is currently being sat…

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Bach Flowers

Calendula, Cosmos, and Nasturtium (not Bach Flowers)

I wanted to blog about Homeopathic Bach Flower Essences, because whilst so many are already familiar with the remedies not everyone is aware that each remedy bottle can be diluted into 30ml of spring water or bottled water (still) not tap water at the rate of 2 drops of each remedy, without losing any of its potency. Dilution is a much more economical way of using the remedies.

One or more remedies can be used in one 30ml dropper bottle (or spray). Like the famous

‘Rescue Remedy’

Bach Flower Rescue Remedy is a combination of Bach Flower essences to help during emotional upheaval and shock, or when having to work or live in a difficult environment.
It contains the individual remedies:
Cherry Plum
Rock Rose
Star of Bethlehem
Rescue remedy as with all the Bach flower remedies can also be used with animals, children and plants completely safely.
Dr Edward Bach developed the remedies as a part of an holistic approach to health of the whole person, his motto was …
“Treat the person, the cause, not the effect, not the disease”
Mechthild Scheffer in her book ‘Bach Flower Therapy’ (p9)wrote “Every symptom, be it of body, mind or spirit, gives us a particular message, and we need to perceive and acknowledge these messages, and make use of them for our journey.”
And I do tend to agree with this idea, the body speaks to you in the only way it can by calling your attention to an imbalance which is bringing about dis-ease. Like dreams, the body doesn’t have words, but it does have a language if you start to listen, it speaks in symbols.
There are 38 remedies which are widely available; they have not changed in the years since Dr Bach’s first made them. Originally there were just 12 which Dr Bach called ‘The Twelve Healers’ when he first began his work; this soon grew to 38, none have been added since that time and they are still made in the same way at The Dr Edward Bach Centre, Mount Vernon, Sotwell, Wallingford, UK.

The remedies in their 7 groups

Fear: Rock Rose; Mimulus; Cherry Plum; Aspen; Red Chestnut.
Uncertainty: Cerato; Scleranthus; Gentian; Gorse; Hornbean; Wild Oat.
Insufficient interest in present circumstances: Clematis; Honeysuckle; Wild Rose; Olive; White Chestnut; Mustard; Chestnut Bud.
Loneliness: Water Violet; Impatiens; Heather.
Despondency or Despair: Larch; Pine; Elm; Sweet Chestnut; Star of Bethlehem; Willow; Oak; Crab Apple.
Over-care for welfare of others; Chicory; Vervain; Vine; Beech; Rock Water.
I do encourage anyone to become familiar with Bach Flower Remedies; a good place to start is their original home.

Astral Reticulum



The astral planes of the earth have a microcosmic partner in eukaryotic cells.

We must keep hitting this nail on the head — we have inherited the order of biology from systems that exist both above and before us.

We have seen how the human body is a chaperonin capsule, how the soul is a developing protein, and now we will see how the astral planes are the endoplasmic reticulum of the cytocosmic super cell that is the earth. Dun dun duuun!

First off, what are the astral planes? Astral Planes

Say this next sentence five times fast, its a tongue twister. The astral planes are a layered labyrinth of lobular lands in the locale of the afterlife (x5).

When a physical life cycle is terminated the body gives up the ghost, and the soul goes into the astral planes — ideally.

Robert Monroe, the man who coined the term Out of Body Experience (OBE), has done an…

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Not Halloween masks, or oxygen masks, but the kind everyone wears every day. ‘Personas’, unconscious most of the time, conscious at others times; an individual’s social facade or front that reflects the role in life the individual is playing at any one moment. Persona, from which the word personality is derived, is a natural part of social interaction, but is it real, or it might be better to ask, are they real for there are many. The persona at work is very different to the one at home, the mother persona different from the child; in one moment it is possible to shift between them, almost a reflex to suit a situation; like having multiple personality except its conscious.
It could be said to be a lie one tells, even to oneself, that this is the real person, the real persona, so which is it, which one is the authentic self, can you tell the difference, can you change it, does it matter? In the so-called civilised society, yes it does matter to get by, to be approved of, and to get what is required in the moment. Nevertheless it is still often false; protection is afforded by the persona, useful maybe in difficult situations where tact and diplomacy are required. Think about this the next time you visit your parents, do you inexplicably become ‘someone else’, and the child you once were maybe?
Masks or persona’s may be intricately related to archetypes and to introjects, the implanted complexes or programmes from childhood not necessarily traumatic or abusive, just sufficient to imprint on a vulnerable mind, and carried throughout life. A simple throwaway remark “you lazy good for nothing” by a frustrated parent who you love and respect can be planted deep enough to form an obsessive workaholic complex just to get parental approval. It’s never that simple though and it is a huge subject. An honest look at the personality masks can lead to interesting memories popping up, and hopefully some insights.
Anyway, I felt inspired to write this after watching this you tube upload by blogger ‘The Whole World Laughing’ by Shane.  It takes courage to own your own shadow, and even more courage to put it in the public domain, (reminded me of Hercules above.)

Seville Orange Marmalade

seville orangesIts not jam making time of year, but right now in the middle of the cold dark winter, it’s Seville orange season.  Bring some summer sunshine into your kitchen.  These oranges are very bitter, full of pips, totally uneatable, but make the most delicious marmalade.


  • 1.5 kilo seville oranges
  • 3 kilo sugar
  • juice of 2 lemons
  • 4 ltr water

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  • Large pan to hold more than 6 litres (with space to boil) or half the quantity
  • Jam thermometer, (not necessary but helps)
  • Large wooden spoon
  • Sharp knife for shredding peel
  • 2 saucers to put in freezer for testing set.
  • Jug for pouring marmalade into jars
  • 10-12 Jars (try to re-use any clean clear glass jam jars)
  • Waxed circles,(1lb jar size)
  • Cellophane covers and elastic bands (or screw top lids)
  • Jar Labels



  • Cut oranges in half and extract juice into jug or bowl (no pips)
  • Scrape out pips and pith and reserve in a bowl (these provide the pectin for setting)
  • Place all pips and pith into a muslin bag or similar (clean dishcloth) and tie up
  • Shred peel into  thin strips
  • Put 4 ltr of water into pan and add shredded peel, and muslin bag of pith and pips


  • Bring to boil and simmer for 2.5 hours without covering
  • Sterilise jars on a wooden board in an oven at aprox 125 degrees c for 15-20 min
  • Remove pan from heat and stir in  juice of two lemons and 3 kg of sugar until disolved
  • Return to heat and boil rapidly until set point reached aprox 20-25 min
  • Test a small quantity on saucer taken from freezer, it should wrinkle slightly when cool
  • Allow to stand for 15-30 min to cool slightly and stir well


  • Pour into hot jars using jug (the marmalade is very hot!!!)
  • Add waxed circles, wax side down on top of jam
  • cover with cellopane circles and elastic bands to secure
  • Allow to cool before labeling in your own style

First Things First

Testing testing!
‘Believe nothing that you hear and only half of what you see.’
That saying has been around forever, it speaks to the tricks of the mind, optical illusion for instance, and the dangers of believing everything you hear without thinking objectively how true it might be.  The state of the internet these days is awash with misinformation, and so it seems is the main stream media.

But it also speaks to ‘blind belief, a belief in something in which there is no evidence whatsoever. Yet, such persons will defend their blind belief even when presented with evidence which refutes said belief; harmless enough when it’s belief in fairies or Santa Clause. In psychological circles though such beliefs are sometimes termed paranoia, in which a person believes that someone or something is out to get them, despite there being absolutely no evidence to support their claim.  It’s is important to recognise however that when there IS evidence, it is NOT paranoia.

How do you tell truth from lies? Dunno!
Evidence, ‘find the evidence’ they say, well yes, that’s a pretty good way, follow the trail of breadcrumbs until it leads to something tangible; connect the dots until an outline forms. Sometimes there just isn’t a way to know for certain, that’s when one needs a good sense of the ‘taste’ of something, how it feels, sniffing it out so to speak.

This blog attempts to put forward some ideas, some evidence, some vague but suspicious stuff, some intangibles, and some hard facts. And please do your own research.

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction and one thing is absolutly certain: The world is not how we think it is.

This blog is also a place for useful information I find, recipes that work, gardening stuff, health and healing, matters of the psyche, and anything else that takes my fancy.